Discussion of the Coronavirus and Supreme Court in the Presidential Debate

Image Courtesy of NBC News

Image Courtesy of NBC News

Georgia Rolle, Staff Writer

Last night one of the hottest nights in election season happened. President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden went head to head in the Presidential Debate and gave their opinions on certain issues. The topics that were discussed were the Supreme Court, the coronavirus, racism in cities, and why they should be president. Many heated arguments started from these discussions and the moderator, Chris Wallace, was very disappointed with how everything went. Wallace told the New York Times “I’m just disappointed with the results. For me, but much more importantly, I’m disappointed for the country, because it could have been a much more useful evening than it turned out to be.”

The first interview of the night started off very chaotic since Trump kept on interrupting his opponent Biden and the moderator, Mr. Wallace. Trump’s behavior came off as bullying and he was not stopping the aggressive behavior at all during the debate. Biden was tired of Trump interrupting him during every speaking segment, that he eventually told Trump “Will you shut up man.” From the types of remarks, there was a huge lack of professionalism because debates have not happened like this in the past.

Coronavirus was one of the first topics to be debated and Trump and Biden were at each others throats during this segment. Trump claimed that he did an amazing job of keeping the virus under control in the country by enforcing travel bans, giving state ventilators, and pushing the development of a vaccine. If you look back to the earlier day of the pandemic, this is a huge lie. A couple of months ago Trump was constantly saying the virus was not a huge threat to the nation and it would go away in a couple of weeks. Also, he kept ignoring many top health officials on what to do to contain the virus. Biden attacked Trump for how he handled the virus and made him look very bad. Since the pandemic has been the major focus of the Biden debate, he has made it clear that it is important to have a national mask mandate and pay attention to science which are two things that Trump refuses to do. Biden has been really supportive of this by wearing a mask himself and not having huge rallies as Trump has.

Refilling the seat in the Supreme Court has been a hot topic over the past couple of weeks and was a hot topic in the debate last night. President Trump has been trying to act quickly in trying to refill the seat with a conservative-leaning judge before election day comes around. Since the Senate is the majority republican, this task could be easily done. Biden disagreed with Trump’s decision in the debate because it would be going against Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s wishes. The Justice said that she does not want the seat refilled until another President is in office.

Many other topics were discussed over the rest of the two-hour debate, but overall Trump kept on saying how he can ‘make America great again’ and what Biden promised to the people. This debate was really disappointing for many Americans and the evening could have been more useful.

If you want to tune in into the next Presidential debate, the next debate will air live on Thursday, October 15 at 9PM Eastern Time.