Top 10 Sports Moments Part 2: 5-1

Image Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Image Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

Aaron Weiner, Staff Writer

  1. Greg the Leg completes the comeback

Continuing with our ranking, we reach number five on the list of sports moments that would have been thrilling with fans. As we reach number five, we reach an interesting point because we are ranking the best sports moments that would have been amazing with fans and for this sports event, there actually were some fans. This game has been one of the first sports games since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic to feature fans and although this was with limited fans there were still almost 20,000 fans in attendance. Back to the game though, this was a game in which the Atlanta Falcons were leading by 20 points and ended up blowing the entire lead. The Cowboys didn’t lead until the final seconds because the game came down to a game-winning kick by Greg Zuerlein (Greg the Leg). Although the fans that were there were going crazy, it would have been even more electric with the entire Cowboy Stadium filled.

  1. Slam Diego

One of the most electrifying young players in the league. One of the most electric young teams in the league and the most electric moment of the entire MLB season comes in at fourth on this list. Slam Diego. The San Diego Padres took the league by storm when they tied the record of most grand slams in consecutive games where they hit grand slams in four straight games. It all started on August 17, when Fernando Tatis Jr. took a pitch deep on a 3-0 count and sent the baseball community into controversy. Many young fans in baseball loved this moment and thought it was good for the game, while old school baseball fans thought it broke the unwritten rules of baseball. What is true is that San Diego fans loved this moment and coined the phrase “Slam Diego.” The fans of the Padres have not seen success in years, so it would have been very fun for them to see this in person.

  1. Lightning Blue Jackets Game 1 OT game

As someone who is not even a hockey fan, even I was glued to my screen for this game. Although I did not watch the first 3 periods of the game once it hit overtime, I knew I had to sit and watch. Although this game did not end with one overtime, this game went on and on and on. As the game ended up being won by the Tampa Bay Lightning in five (yes five) overtimes. This game was thrilling from the beginning to end and especially during those nail-biting overtimes. Both teams looked exhausted and they wanted to win but they almost couldn’t even stand up as the game carried into the night. This game finished with a whopping 6 hours and 13 minutes. Just insane. It becomes a bit more special when you add to the fact that Tampa Bay went on to when the Stanley Cup. Although the only thing that would have been better is hearing the tediousness of the fans roars when Tampa finally put the puck in the net.

  1. OG Anunoby’s game-winner

The second-best moment since the return of sports was probably the worst moment for me and the most painful for me to watch. On a Thursday night battle between two well-balanced teams, it was going to come down to the final possessions to decide who would win the game. With a 2-0 series lead the Boston Celtics were looking to pretty much wrap up the series with the chance at taking a commanding 3-0 lead. It was a battle all night and on what seemed to be the final possession Kemba Walker made a perfect pass to Daniel Theis to put the Celtics up by 2 with 0.5 seconds left remaining in the game. It seemed like the game was over and I as well as Celtics fans across America took a deep breath as there was almost no way the Raptors could claw back to win with only 0.5 seconds remaining. Brad Stevens sent 7’7’’ Tacko Fall into the game to cover the inbound pass as Kyle Lowry sent a pass to the other side of the court to OG Anunoby as he sank the game-winning three while winning the game and ripping my heart out in the process. This game would have been in the Boston Garden so to see Boston fans get the hearts ripped out is exactly what anyone not in Boston would have loved to see.

  1. Luka’s game-winner against the Clippers

Coming in at number one on our countdown was a moment that will not be soon forgotten and was the inspiration for this countdown to happen at all. Luka Doncic ascending to greatness to hit a game-winner will live in sports history. Just some context, this game was in OT, Luka was playing on a hurt ankle, their second-best player was injured (Kristaps Porzingis), and they were playing a team that many had projected to win the west and even the championship. Luka put the team on his back dropping 40 points and the game-winner to tie the series at two games apiece. If you looked at twitter after the game many tweets were saying how that would have been one of the best moments in sports history had there been fans. That game would have played on the Mavericks home court to make this game even more insane. Luka is already a star at 21 years old, and it would not surprise anyone if he becomes one of the game’s best players of all time before he hangs up his jersey.