5 Things we learned from Week Four in the NFL

Image Courtesy of DallasNews.com

Image Courtesy of DallasNews.com

Aaron Weiner, Staff Writer

  1. Maybe it was not Jason Garrett’s fault.

It was without a doubt that the cowboys needed a coaching change after the year’s pf mediocrity under Jason Garrett. Or was it. After six years of Garrett’s record was just above .500 and after an underwhelming season a year ago it was time to move on. The Cowboys quickly moved on and went out and got a big-name head coach in Mike McCarthy who had previously been with the packers for many years and had even won a super bowl with them. After the hiring of McCarthy, the expectations for this Dallas team were high. Although after falling to 1-3 on the season (and could very easily be 0-4) the Cowboys have been nothing short of a disappointment. Although Dak Prescott has been incredible and would be an MVP candidate if their record was reversed, it is their defense that has been the embarrassment. After the Cleveland Browns hung up 49 points, the question must be asked. Maybe Jason Garrett was not the problem?

  1. Tom Brady is not finished just yet.

After a week one disaster where Tom Brady looked like a shell of his former self after throwing two interceptions and only 239 yards, the writing was already on the wall. Everyone knew what was going to be talked about on sports talk radio shows across that country that next week. Is Tom Brady washed up, is he too old? Is he a system quarterback? Well, once again that was proved all to be wrong. Brady and his Bucs won the next two games and had a good matchup against the young Justin Herbert and the Chargers on Sunday. The first half was a bit rocky for the 43-year-old as he threw an interception early. Well, that storyline did not last long as Brady did what he always does, shuts up the haters. Brady finished the game with five touchdowns and each one going to a different receiver which is the first time in his 20-year career he had ever done that.

  1. Kyle Murray, Cardinals, were a bit overhyped

There is no question about it that Kyler Murray is a stud. He is already and will be for many years to come. After an aggressive offseason where the Cardinals went out and traded to get Deandre Hopkins from the Texans, many NFL experts were picking the cardinals to make the playoffs and some even picked them to win the might NFC West. Kyler Murray, who is only in his second year, was beginning to stir up some MVP predictions before he had even taken a snap in his second year. After starting the season looking like the team, they were hyped up to be going 2-0 they have since fallen to somewhat bad teams in the Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers. Now, the Cardinals have a chance to get back on track and still be a very good team. Although all that preseason hype of Cardinals being this wagon that makes the playoff with their MVP quarterback may be true in a few years, but until then, slow down the hype.

  1. Texans are in BIG Trouble

Speaking of Deandre Hopkins, his former team, not doing too hot either. After the stud receiver got traded away from the team in March many started to wonder if Bill O’Brian could handle the general manager duties. Well, it turns out he wasn’t. As a matter of fact, he was not cut out to handle their head coaching duties either as he was fired from the team on Monday where he was relieved of his duties as GM and Head Coach. The Texans started the season 0-4 which is simply unacceptable when you have a star quarterback in Deshaun Watson. The team was projected to at least compete in their division and now they have one of the worst records in the league. To make matters worse, the Dolphins own their first and second pick of next year. Not a pretty sight in Houston.

  1. Josh Allen is GREAT

It certainly feels weird saying that Josh Allen is an MVP candidate, but that is just what he is. Although Russell Wilson may be the frontrunner, Josh Allen is not far behind. After starting the season 4-0, Allen is playing like an absolute stud. Through four games Allen has thrown for 1326 yards, 12 touchdowns, and only 1 interception. The Bills were expected to be good, some even picked them to win the AFC East for the first time since 1995. Their defense is playing well, the coaching has been good, and the addition of Stefon Diggs has certainly made an impact. The biggest impact though has been Josh Allen’s ascendance to stardom. If he keeps this up, then this year’s division title may not be his only one.