Morgan Wallen Removed from Saturday Night Live Line Up

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Olivia Gianakos,  Staff Writer

This past Saturday, October 10th, 27-year-old country singer Morgan Wallen was supposed to appear live on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest. This was not only ground-breaking news for Wallen, who was supposed to be on the show for his first time but also country music. Wallen would have been one of nine other country singers to perform on the show in the last five years. Wallen is currently at the highest point in his career thus far. His new song, “7 Summers”, which he was supposed to be performing this Saturday, was in the top three of the Billboards Hot 100 charts.

Unfortunately, Wallen has been removed from the lineup. News broke October 7th, when Wallen posted a two-minute-long video to his Instagram announcing he would no longer be a guest on the show. SNL decided to remove Wallen as a musical guest after he went viral on social media platform TikTok for partying at a bar with students at the University of Alabama. Wallen is seen kissing and dancing with sorority girls at a night club, in which they are all mask-less. One of the videos, where Wallen is seen drinking and making out with a college girl, has received 3.9 million views and 307.7 thousand likes on TikTok.

Wallen received harsh criticism for being seen at a crowded club partying, with no mask on, in the middle of a severe pandemic. Many people found his actions irresponsible and selfish, considering the current state of COVID-19 in this country.

Although he has since tested negative for the virus, SNL decided it was best to drop him considering his recklessness towards COVID-19 precautions. In his Instagram video, he states that he is heartbroken but respects the show’s decision and takes responsibility for his actions. The country singer also said that he is taking time away from social media to focus on himself and growing up. Although Wallen was booted from this SNL show, another time for him to perform in the future is in the workings.