Mindy Kaling Announces Birth of New Son

Courtesy of cnn.com

Courtesy of cnn.com

Jordyn Sinclair, Staff Writer

If there were a best kept secret award, it would go to Mindy Kaling. Kaling, an actress, comedian, writer, author, and producer, announced that she had welcomed a little bundle of joy into the world last month, introducing her newborn son. The 41-year-old actress starred, help write, and produced The Office and many other shows and movies such as; Late Night, her show The Mindy Project, Never Have I Ever and more.

She announced her second child’s arrival on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, saying that it felt so weird to say, but she gave birth to her son, Spencer, on September 3rd. Already a mom to an almost-three-year-old named Katherine, she talks about how her daughter was at first wary of having a sibling, but when Spencer was brought home, she was delighted to see her new baby brother.

Mindy was a bit scared about what was going on in the world. With all this hatred and heartbreak, she felt it was strange to shine a bit of light on the world’s health problems. She wanted to keep this happiness private for now.

Mindy Kaling spoke to Glamour magazine and said, “I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I would have put it off and put it off. I’m happy that it happened when it did.” She continued saying, “I would have put it off indefinitely. I’ve seen firsthand the heartbreak of women who have waited to get pregnant [and then it doesn’t happen]. For me, my relationship with my mother was such an integral part of my life. Thinking back on our relationship is still such a huge source of my happiness day-to-day, so I’m so grateful for having Katherine.” Mindy lost her mom Swati Roysircar in 2012 due to pancreatic cancer and has been still grieving over her death. She speaks about how she gets a handful of her parenting skills and styles from how she was raised.

Kaling is still keeping the father of her children’s identity private, but we are still sending her love to her new addition to the family!