University of Hartford welcomes E-Sports!

Image Courtesy of Hartford

Image Courtesy of Hartford

Aaron Weiner, Staff Writer

As we continue to advance as a civilization, new things are always coming about. Humans are thinking of new ways to be competitive and new sports to create. One of the newest sports that has been rising in recent years has been the ascendence of E-Sports. This sport has not only taken over the gaming community, many professional athletes have shown strong interest in this rising phenomenon.

Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward is openly one of the biggest video game players in all of the sports and has signed an E-Sports endorsement deal. Former Super Bowl champion running back Jay Ajayi is another open E-Sports player. In fact, he has shifted gears entirely away from football and has signed with the MLS team the Philadelphia Union to join their professional FIFA player. The sport is constantly growing, and it is growing once again. The University of Hartford is welcoming a new E-Sports team to their varsity sports.

As esports teams continue to grow to universities around the country. It looks like UHart has finally jumped on board with the idea of an esports team coming to campus. In an interview done by Hartford Athletics with SGA’s Sarah Stroh, she said, “there’s a lot of students that have been asking for this for a long time”. She mentioned how this was exciting because during COVID it is harder to gather and when everything is online there is no need to gather.

With the anticipation and buzz, this announcement has been generating the team that could quickly become a hit for students looking to get involved in the campus during these COVID times.

There is going to be a kickoff event on Wednesday 10/14 at 7 pm in Alumni Plaza to meet other people and generate excitement for what should be a really exciting addition to campus.