Newark Native Found Dead

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Jasmine Whitfield, Staff Writer

The body of Newark New Jersey’s Madison Sparrow Has been found. Madison was a 17-year-old junior at the Newark charter school. Madison’s family reported her missing on Friday October 2nd at approximately 8:30 p.m. after she didn’t return home from a visit at the University of Delaware campus. Madison at the time was visiting her ex-boyfriend Noah sharp. Sharp is a past graduate of the same charter school Madison attended.

Sharp was quickly arrested and brought in for questioning by the Delaware state police after Madison was reported missing. Delaware state police said, “detectives obtained information through investigative interviews that Madison responded to an area in Newark where her ex-boyfriend, Noah, was located.”. They continue to reveal that “The investigation revealed the homicide occurred in the Newark area due to blunt force trauma to her body. After the homicide occurred, she was transported to a secluded wooded location in Newark, where law enforcement officers discovered her body”. It has been confirmed through court records that Madison was beaten to death with an aluminum baseball bat. Madison’s official cause of death is homicide by blunt force trauma. Even though no motive has been disclosed yet, Sharp allegedly admitted to murdering sparrow and led police to her body.

Sharp has been charged with murder, possession of a deadly weapon, and conspiracy. Sharp has also been committed Howard R. Young Correctional Institution in Wilmington Delaware. Sharp is being held on $1,021,000.00 cash bail. Although police have arrested Sharp for the murder, they have stated that “there is information indicating additional individuals may be involved in this homicide.” and the investigation is still open. Its alleged that Sharp also told police that he planned Sparrows murder with another individual. This individual remains unknown to the public.