Supreme Court Hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Image Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Image Courtesy of Wall Street Journal

Georgia Rolle, Staff Writer

This week started the hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the empty supreme court seat. These hearings have caused huge division in the Senate between the Republicans and Democrats because they both have different thoughts on the process. The Republicans believe that this needs to be done before the November 3rd election. On the other hand, the Democrats think that they could hopefully slow down the process and they should honor Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) and appoint a new justice when a new President is in office.

Many conservatives believe that Trump’s pick is the perfect match for a supreme court justice. To start her husband, Jesse Barrett, is a former federal prosecutor who now has a private practice. Together they have seven children, all under 20, including two adopted from Haiti and a young son with Down syndrome. Also, Judge Barrett is a catholic woman which could help more with the push of conservation beliefs.

If this nomination goes through this will be the third Justice President Trump has appointed since 2016. Many people believe if there are three new conservative Justices, this could change directions and views of the court for the next couple of decades. This could be a big deal for America with some of the beliefs that Republicans push on America.

One thing that could potentially change is the overturn of Roe V. Wade. As a very religious woman, she is a firm believer in being pro-life and this could destroy what Justice Ginsburg worked on protecting for decades. Judge Barrett is also a part of many Christian organizations that are against women having abortions. If Roe v. Wade gets overturned by Judge Barrett this could lead to an increase in women having unsafe abortions and this could nomination could damage women’s rights.

Another thing she wants to push as Justice is keeping the right to bear arms. She believes that we should keep this second amendment right even though shootings happen about every day. Judge Barrett told the New York Times, “History does not support the proposition that felons lose their Second Amendment rights solely because of their status as felons but it does support the proposition that the state can take the right to bear arms away from a category of people that it deems dangerous.” This was written after the law was passed by Judge Barrett that people who have committed felonies can own guns as long a nonviolent crime was committed. A law like this can make the people in this country feel unsafe.

Hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett ended Wednesday and in the next couple of weeks, we will hear if she got the position of being Supreme Court Justice.

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