Upcoming Events on Campus


Courtesy of Abound.college

Olivia Gianakos, Staff Writer

Wednesday, October 21st

From 11:00 to noon, CAPS will be hosting a wellness workshop. This workshop will teach valuable skills like reducing anxiety, self-care, and mental health wellness, and connecting with others on campus.  There will be no registration required for this event, and will be available to join via zoom. 

What Good Is Guilt? From 1-2 pm, the University of Hartford Philosophy Club will be hosting a WebEx meeting about guilt. This meeting dives into what it means to feel guilt and if it is good. To attend the meeting, please contact Brian Skelly at [email protected]

Greek 101. From 7:30-9 pm in Dana Hall D 202, there will be an informative event about Greek life at the university. This training will teach students what it is like to be apart of Greek life and the different fraternity and sororities available to join.

Thursday, October 22nd 

Coffee Connections. From 3-4 pm, there will be a coffee convention on how to navigate through quarantine and the global pandemic. This discussion will be hosted via Zoom and teach students how to have fun safely and make connections. 

College Readiness 101. This event will be held from 6:30 – 8 pm and will discuss meaningful ways to get ready for college. The University of Hartford Assistant Director of Admissions will be giving a general presentation, including knowledge about the search, application, admission, and financial aid process. Sessions are geared towards high school sophomores and juniors, but everyone is welcome!

Friday, October 23rd

Wellness Workshop. From 1-2 pm, CAPS will again be hosting a wellness workshop to help students navigate through the current reality. Life in college during a global pandemic can be a very challenging time, but sessions like this can be a huge help to those struggling.