3 Key Takeaways from Week 6 in the NFL

Image Courtesy of theringer.com

Image Courtesy of theringer.com

Aaron Weiner, Staff Writer

Dak deserves the bag:

The narrative that Dak Prescott is an overrated quarterback has finally become a tired take. After Dak went down with a horrific injury last week, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys all but saw any chance at contending this year go out the window. Even though the Cowboys have one of the best backups in the league in Andy Dalton, their Monday night blowout loss against the Arizona Cardinals proved once again how good and valuable Dak is for this franchise.

After only putting up an embarrassing 3 points with offensive weapons like Ezekiel Elliot, Amari Cooper, Ceedee Lamb, and Michael Gallup, it has become apparent Dak Prescott was the engine that made this offense go. Prescott’s contract situation has been something that has been monitored very intensely throughout the past offseason and whether or not he gets the big contract he so desperately wants and deserves with the cowboys will be something to keep an eye on.

The Bears are good again????

After an underwhelming year in 2019, not many people had really high expectations for the 2020 bears. With one of the worst quarterbacks in the league in Mitch Trubisky at the helm, this was the team expected to be in the bottom half of the league. But with Super Bowl 52 MVP Nick Foles taking over shortly into the season the Bears have been quite dominant with only 1 loss on the year coming against the Colts. The force of their defense has quickly become the main factor in their wins. With 2 interceptions, 4 sacks, and a fumble in Sunday’s win, they’ve proved that with that defense they could be somewhat of a threat in the NFC.

The Patriots need offensive help.

After a rollercoaster offseason losing their long time, greatest of all-time quarterback Tom Brady, there were many questions that needed were being asked about this team. Who would be the starting quarterback? would they tank for Trevor Lawrence? Well, over the offseason the patriots brought in former MVP quarterback Cam Newton to replace Brady. Many Patriots’ fans seemed pleased with the acquisition and believed their team would be all set for the future. However, now 5 games into the season the Patriots sit at 2-3 on the season and it is the first time since 2002 that a Bill Belichick coached team has had a below .500 record on the season this late into the season.

Their defense has not been the issue even with 6 players opting out before the season due to Covid-19 concerns. The patriots have no standout wide receivers besides and old and beat up Julian Edelman, their tight end position is practically non-existent, and their running game has been lackluster, to say the least. Rumors have been swirling about the patriots acquiring a wide receiver at the deadline. Potential names being thrown out are Falcons’ star Julio Jones, and Cincinnati Bengal A.J Green. If the Patriots don’t address this issue soon, then their 2020 season might over before it even started.