Practices Bring Some Spirit Back to Campus

Image Courtesy of Hartford

Image Courtesy of Hartford

T.J. Hummel, Sports Editor

As the semester is well over halfway through, athletes on campus have begun to practice their respected sports on a regular basis. Men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball, softball, men’s and women’s basketball, and volleyball have all resumed practices. It brings a sense of normality over campus, especially during these uncertain times.

Seeing the athletes take the field to practice reminds me of the last couple of years, seeing students and fans alike, cheering on our fellow Hawks as they represent our university. I had asked Alex Ortiz, who is a senior and Editor in Chief of the Informer, how he feels about athletes being able to practice. “I think it’s great if sports make a return to campus. It will bring students together, socially distant of course, and bring back some spirit to the campus.”

Hearing from other students and athletes, it seems that everyone shares the same thought process, which is that it’s nice to have sports back, or at least practices for now. During the pandemic, it’s hit some people harder than others. When it comes to sports, the athletes have their teammates to stick with them. Even when practices were put on hold, they were able to still go to the fields, with one or two others, and practice their given skills and sport.