Where to Go When Hungry on Campus?


courtesy of corsiassociates.com

Tracy Murray, Staff Writer

Have you ever found yourself hungry on the University of Hartford campus? Have you ever been on a time crunch and need a quick bite to eat or wanted to have a nice sit-down meal? Perhaps you have craved a crisp salad, or possibly even soup! If you have ever found yourself in this conundrum, there is one place on campus for you. No, GSU Café will not suffice, and Starbucks will not fulfill your needs. Thankfully, without fail, Commons has your back.

You may think this is just an opinion, but it is formed based on facts and logic. Here is the deal: Commons objectively offers the most bang for your buck. No other dining options provide you the culinary range in unlimited amounts. There is a salad bar, grill, oven, vegetarian station, and even a bakery, so there are more options than even imaginable. When you order food elsewhere on campus, you are constrained to whatever is put in your bag or what you ordered. At Commons, you can eat as much as your heart desires. Additionally, the only benefit that other dining options offer is taking out food, but they hold that advantage no longer. Commons now encourages you to take out food!

It is not just I who holds this opinion. The Informer conducted a poll on UHart students’ favorite place to eat on campus through our website, and students came through in droves. Out of a total of 84 responses, 53 votes confirmed Commons as the superior option. That is a whopping 63 percent!

According to the online poll in which students voted, Moe’s is also an excellent option for dining on campus in a close second. Moe’s is located in the GSU café on the academic side of campus.

It offers a wide range of Mexican grill options – from burritos to chips and queso. The only downfall about Moe’s is that you may be caught up in a long line depending on when you arrive. Since GSU café is only open for a limited number of hours, Moe’s usually ends up being a bit of a wait. However, the line still pays off once you sit down with your food.

There are other dining options on the University of Hartford campus, such as Subway, Hawk’s Nest, Starbucks, and Konover. However, students seem to love Commons the most, with Moe’s being a close second.