Updated Guest Policy

Image Courtesy of Hartford Courant

Image Courtesy of Hartford Courant

Grace Mittleman, Staff Writer

As of Friday October 16th, the Official Guest Policy has changed! Unfortunately, there isn’t a change for those living in the Village, Park River, or Regents.  However, there is a change for those living in Hawk Hall and complexes A through F.

“Residents of these buildings will be allowed to have one guest per room at one time, as long as that guest lives on the same floor,” Jessica Nicklin, Associate Vice President for Student Success, writes, “Roommates must agree ahead of time to allow a guest, each time there is a guest. Residents and their guests must wear masks and maintain social distance.”

As long as those follow the Guest Policy properly (masks and social distancing), this is an incredible thing for the student body. Although the Guest Policy hasn’t changed for those living in suites or apartments, we still have access to outdoor gathering spaces (such as the beautiful new tables and chairs all around campus), as well as access to 25Live for booking spaces to meet up with friends or colleagues.

Overall, the UHart student body should consider this Guest Policy change a victory. The fact that we are keeping our campus safe enough to change our Guest Policy in a slight way speaks to the efforts we’re putting in. Keep up the social distancing and mask-wearing, fellow hawks! As the High School Musical 2006 Cast says, “We’re all in this together!”