COVID-19 Uprise in Europe

Image Courtesy of WebMD

Image Courtesy of WebMD

Georgia Rolle, Staff Writer

Many countries in Europe are suddenly shutting down after the immediate uprise in cases that sweep across the country. Countries like France and Germany decided to put restrictions to close restaurants and bars all over the country to contain the virus. This should also help the hospitals from being overwhelmed with the second wave of the pandemic. Schools and some economic activities will be open to keep things moving slowly,  but hopefully shutting down some businesses will help decrease the rise of the second wave. President Emmanuel Macron of France said this would be the best thing to do since they have no other choice.

The only types of businesses that will stay open during this time will be essential businesses which include public services, factories, farms, and construction. Working from home will become normal again for most people and restrictions on gatherings and visiting nursing homes will be put into place again. Many universities will also be moved to online classes to stop the contact. France hopes to put these restrictions into place this week until December 1st. Financial assistance will also be provided to the people who are unemployed during this period to time. The country of France reached 527 deaths on Tuesday and this is the highest amount reported since April, so the lockdown is getting put in place to contain the virus.

Germany is starting to shut down non-essential businesses starting on Monday. Supermarkets, stores, schools, and day care centers will remain open but there will be a limited number of people allowed into the building at one time. The only nonessential business that will stay open is professional sports teams who will play in empty stadiums with strict precautions. One of Germany’s governors, Ms. Merkel, said “It is completely clear that we must act, and act now, to prevent a national health crisis.” Cases are doubling every day so it is better to take action sooner than later.

Other countries like Portugal, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Great Britain have seen a 40 percent increase in cases over the past two weeks, so they will also be enforcing lockdown restrictions in the next couple of days. Scientists also believe that the second wave of the virus will be worse than the first one, so it is best for countries to prepare now.

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