Sofia With an F Podcast Addresses CHD Drama in First Episode

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Jordyn Sinclair, Staff Writer

After the drama surrounding popular Barstool podcast, Call Her Daddy, former co-host Sofia Franklyn created her podcast, Sofia with an F. Fans had suspicions the Call Her Daddy podcast would come to an end after Franklyn and co-host Alexandra Cooper hinted in their last episodes together. Then, the podcast stopped for a few months. They said the titles almost gave it a dead giveaway containing secret messages in them. The final Call Her Daddy Episode they hosted together began with a snippet of Kesha’s “Praying,” and hosts Cooper and Franklyn told their “Daddy Gang” fans they could “interpret that however you want.” Franklyn’s first Sofia, with an F podcast, tells her side of the events, as Cooper has already shared her side to her YouTube channel months prior.

A few weeks after, the host said they could not disclose what happened on the show but use #freethefathers. But now… that wait is over. First, Sofia said to her Instagram that Cooper stabbed her in the back while they were renegotiating their contract with Barstool Sports. Franklyn also claimed they looked for outside deals to benefit their fans. Barstool, though, did not reply.

Dave Portnoy Barstool’s founder sure did have a lot to say as well. He broke his silence on Call Her Daddy episode titled “Daddy Speaks” on May 17. He explained that after he learned Call Her Daddy was secretly shopped to other entertainment platforms, he offered Cooper and Franklyn an annual salary, bonuses, and six months off of their initial three-year contract, so they would be free to take their talents elsewhere, sooner. Cooper accepted but said Franklyn would never agree because of her boyfriend and his unsolicited advice. Though the whole issue had nothing to do with Sofia’s boyfriend, she says Cooper went behind her back, presumably meeting with Portnoy. Franklyn claims that Cooper is seeking more than 50/50 control of the podcast and that she will not accept that because they have always had a partnership. It seems like the duo may be over. Sofia says she would have no problem coming back. Nonetheless, she is still hurt she was not included.