Student Spotlight: Curtis Rocheleau

Image Courtesy of Hartford Athletics

Image Courtesy of Hartford Athletics

Aaron Weiner, Staff Writer

With the sports season hopefully ramping up soon. It was time to start seeking out answers about how our own UHart athletes are feeling about the current state of athletics. With that being said, we reached out to current freshman track and field shot putter about his thoughts on the season. It was interesting to get the perspective of someone who is a freshman and is starting school in a completely different atmosphere.

Curtis was more than happy to discuss his season with me. When asked about an update on the season Curtis was able to briefly give what knowledge he knew, “as of right now our indoor season is canceled due to Covid. The outdoor season is up in the air as far as I know but it is looking promising, I think.” However, he has had the opportunity to spend time with his teammates as they have gotten food together and played video games on the weekend. “We try to do as much team bonding as possible right now.”

We were able to get an inside scoop on what practices are like during this weird time. Curtis has noted that the practices have been enjoyable however they do have to be wearing masks during the whole practice. He also made note that while they started slowly as a team, they have begun to find their rhythm as a group. As their practices continue and the season is nearing, the only place they can go is up. Although it is hard to socialize in such an unusual year, Curtis has found his home with his team, “I am the type of person to not like going out to meet people but being forced has made things a lot better.” Athletics has been home to many other freshman students as well for the people who have struggles

Obviously, there was a time where it was a struggle to find time for students to practice. Back in March during the lockdown, student-athletes had to find their own way to stay in shape and continue to practice. It was clear that Curtis did the best that he could he said, “It was difficult for me to get out and practice, but I did what I could, I did as much as possible to stay in shape, but It wasn’t enough for me. I got out to throw every now and then but a lot of what I did for form was in my basement with a PVC pipe.” We are sure Curtis and his teammates will deliver in the spring and are looking forward to seeing how they perform.