Getting Tested Before You Go Home


Andrew Prokop , Managing Editor

The University of Hartford is providing testing for students before they return home for Thanksgiving break. This is a great opportunity to make sure that you limit exposure, especially for students returning to a household with family members who may be considered a high risk for severe complications. With the surge in cases around the country, it is crucial now more than ever that our community works to limit the amount of spread. With many of our students being from around the country and abroad, it is crucial that students have an understanding of whether or not they have it before they go home for reunions with family and friends.

The university recognizes that students will be returning home at different times and has created two different groupings of tests. The sign-ups for each date are linked below with their respective dates.

Sign up for a test on November 16 or 17
Sign up for a test on November 23

Please sign up as soon as possible for the date that works best for you as space is limited. If you schedule a test, please keep your appointment. You should not sign up for a test if you are experiencing symptoms, are in quarantine, or have tested positive within the last three months. Help yourself, your family, and the community by getting tested before going home!