The Latest News on COVID-19 in Northeast

Image Courtesy of CNBC

Image Courtesy of CNBC

Georgia Rolle, Staff Writer

With the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases, many states have started to enforce restrictions again. In New York state, Andrew M. Cuomo stated that indoor gathering will be limited to 10 people max, and gyms, bars and restaurants must close at 10 p.m. Restaurants will still be able to sell food for takeout at 10 p.m. but this curfew will begin on Friday. Hopefully these restrictions can help contain the spread of the virus.

Governor Cuomo decided to start enforcing these restrictions after seeing an increase of the cases in the tri-state area. He was concerned about a second wave hitting the region after dealing with the Queens being the epicenter of the virus’s last wave. He said in his conference call on Wednesday that “We’re seeing a national and global COVID surge, and New York is a ship on the COVID tide.” This means if the state does not act on containing the virus now, it could get deadly later.

The mayor of NYC, Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced that the positive test results raised by 2.52 percent in the past week. This is the first time the percentage has been this high in the city since June and it’s from the clusters that have been popping up in Brooklyn and Queens. There have been about 1,142 cases a day over the past week and the mayor believes this is the beginning of the second wave.

The State of New York also reported that the rate of cases went up by 2.23 percent in the past week. There have been about 1,628 hospitalizations over the past seven days and this has not peaked this high since June. Researchers believe there are more cases now than what there was in June because numerous states have been doing more testing. New York is doing good with containing the cases currently compared to surrounded states.

The Hartford Courant reported that the positive test results statewide jumped up to 4.1 percent. This peak has not been seen in the state since June and apparently the cases are more severe now that what they were in the spring. 548 people are currently hospitalized around the state and Governor Ned Lamont is hoping that number does not increase as the cold weather approaches. Just like Cuomo, Governor Lamont has lowered the capacity of restaurants and reimposed limits on businesses.

As of November 10, there have been 139,000 new cases nationwide and these cases increased by sixty-nine percent over the past two weeks.  Just like New York and Connecticut many other states are planning to halt the opening of the state as we begin the second wave of Covid-19 and hope that this wave is not as deadly as the last. Time will tell how deadly this new wave will get in the next couple of weeks.


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