Hello Hawks!


courtesy of Juli Dajci

Juli Dajci , SGA President

My name is Juli Dajci, and I have the high privilege of serving as the President of the Student Government Association this year. I am also honored to be the first international student to serve in this position in the University’s history. That said, my biggest pleasure is working alongside Ally Denno, Dan Falkovich, Valentina Jimenez, Sarah Stroh, Harshini Senthil, Sahara Williams, Nate Carr, Lukas Struppe, Nevaeh McKinney, Alissa Hoffman, and our wonderful senators in SGA. Together, we work tirelessly to represent students at every level and provide leadership opportunities.   

Our experience as student leaders has been significantly affected by COVID-19, and we have been inspired to adapt and innovate. The challenges that our students face this year have been an overriding priority. Whether in the classroom, in the residential facilities, and in the circumstances of those who commute or are fully remote this year, we have made it our mission to ensure that students receive the best possible experience under these circumstances.   

When I was elected, one of my leadership tenets infused my campaign. Instead of requesting a mandate to represent your voices at tables and rooms where decisions are made, I would work to provide you with that opportunity.  I hope that you keep us here at SGA accountable for that.  

With that in mind, it is important to delineate some of the key initiatives that SGA created and supported throughout the year. First, special attention is being paid to ideas that aim to educate our campus community on social issues. In cooperation with the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion, we foster and support student-led ideas that fulfill this goal. The most important and successful is the March on UHart event led by BSU leader Jasmine Streeter which prompted SGA to create the Streeter Community Grant, a $1000 monthly grant given to events and ideas on topics of social justice.   

I have also granted special focus to ensure that the clubs and organizations that function within SGA provide their members with social and educational opportunities, both in-person and online. Regarding this, I hope it is appropriate to extend my immense gratitude to Valentina Jimenez, our Clubs and Organizations Vice-President, who hosted two different Club Fairs during a semester, and the wonderful clubs and their leaders who are constantly defying odds and successfully participating.   

I also must confess that this is a year when we are focused on long and short-term goals in such an intense fashion that we face and overcome multiple challenges. Nonetheless, it remains our priority to help you as a student with any concerns and provide all the resources at our disposal (I do not mean to brag, but there are many). Therefore, please contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries or assistance necessary.  

I wish you all a lovely rest—almost the end—of the semester, and most importantly, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. Please remember that we are here for you and our duty remains to help you in any way, shape, or form. Continue to stay positive, COVID-safe, and as I always say, continue to ask a lot from your government. While it is our duty and responsibility, I am glad to say that it is also our pleasure for us here at SGA.   


Juli Dajci