Time To Move Out!

Image Courtesy of Jing.fm

Image Courtesy of Jing.fm

Valentina Jimenez, Staff Writer

The residence halls will be closing on Tuesday November 24th at 10:00 PM. Students should attend their pre closing meetings with RAs. Here is a quick recap of what is expected from all students:


All refrigerators should remain plugged in, all AC’s should be turned off, and throw all perishables out. Make sure you clean the housing unit thoroughly, vacuum, mop, sweep. Wash your dishes or be billed 50$. Same with trash! Each trash bag costs 25$. If you live in an apartment or suite, make sure you move all of your items in common areas into your personal room, or label them with who owns what. This means take all things on bathroom counter spaces out so that the cleaners have an easier time cleaning. Lock all your windows and pull down all shades. Neighborhoods A-F should turn off their heating units, and Park River, Regents and the Villages should turn their thermostats to 65 degrees.  


That’s all folks! Enjoy your break, stay safe and see you next semester!