Pizza: Square or Triangle Cut?


via: @HomeRunInn on twitter

Andrew Prokop, Managing Editor

Pizza has slowly become one of the most popular foods in America. There is a seemingly infinite number of ways to create a great pizza, from the type of dough and the size of the crust, the consistency and tang of the sauce, the type and amount of cheese, to the type of toppings, if any. Pizza is incredibly tricky for being such a simple concept for perfecting it, but one of the most overlooked decisions when creating a perfect pizza is how the pizza is cut. 

There are two common types of pizza cuts, the square cut, and the triangle cut. Specific cuts thrive in certain situations, but what type of cut is ultimately the best?  

The square-cut thrives in the party pizza environment; the large pizzas are generally made in large rectangle shapes, making sense that the pieces be cut into small squares. It makes sense when cutting the pizza because you make a grid pattern with straight cuts. This cut generally yields more pieces. Although the pieces are smaller, that is a benefit in that it helps make the pizza seem as though it lasts longer. The square-cut also provides for the best variety of pieces. You can get a piece with crust, no crust, or for the crust lovers, a nice corner piece with a lot of crust. 

The triangle cut thrives in casual pizza with friends or at a restaurant. The classic circular pizza is perfect for cutting into triangles because you draw straight lines directly through the pizza center. You can cut thinner pieces or larger pieces, and they are a nice large size with a good geometry to help support the pizza on the way from your plate to your mouth. It also produces roughly even types of pizza and is generally larger, allowing for toppings to be spread out. 

Now I will mention the terrible, horrifying case of when a circular pizza is cut into square pieces. I have only met one person in my life who prefers this type of pizza, and to this day, I still do not understand why. The pizza is nearly massacred with some weird corner pieces that are just crust, and the rest of the crust pieces are different shapes and ruined. 

I am a triangle slice kind of guy, I respect the square-cut party pizza, but nothing is like the classic triangle cut. It gives that perfect ratio of crust to saucy-cheesy goodness. 

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