Tips for dealing with your Mental Health


Image Courtesy of Rayburn Tours

Kayla Boggs, Staff Writer

With the worldwide pandemic still strong as ever and lots of isolation, many people are experiencing a decline in their mental health. With the lack of social interaction and normal campus activities closed now, it is normal to feel this way. One helpful tip to get out of these slumps is to create a schedule or daily checklist at night before going to bed. This can have big things to do like assignments for classes or small things like making your bed or a combination of both. By making a checklist it will help you remember what you need to get done for the day and also give you a feeling of being accomplished and productive seeing them all crossed out before going to bed. A good start to making a daily checklist is to have a morning routine to get your day started because with online learning it’s easy to sit in bed all day. A morning routine doesn’t have to be anything crazy just getting up and get moving, things like eating breakfast, brushing teeth, taking a shower, and getting dress can help you get in the mindset to start doing things. Making your bed may sound like a small addition but can be a game-changer for actually waking up especially if you have morning classes. Making your bed and using a desk to be in class instead of laying in bed while in class will keep you more engaged in class and more awake throughout it. Once you have a set morning routine and it becomes a daily habit that’s one easy thing to check off and then adding more things to your checklist will be easy. Sometimes life gets in the way and days don’t go exactly as planned so having a list shouldn’t add extra stress. If you don’t complete everything, just add it to the next day. Hopefully, these tips help you become more productive and lead to a successful semester.