Spoilers Ahead! A Recap of Episode 7 of WandaVision


Image via IndieWire

Dominic Rascati, Staff Writer

Everyone’s talking about the Disney+ smash hit of quarantine, Marvel’s “WandaVision.” The latest episode entitled “Breaking the Fourth Wall” is nothing short of a bombshell. Here is a recap to help catch up and prepare for episode 8: 

The episode begins as an homage to the more recent sitcoms of the 2010s, including confessionals to the audience and a theme song mirroring The Office and Modern Family. On the heels of the last episode, Wanda has drastically expanded the Hex and pushed her powers to their limits. This is evident early on in how elements of the house, like the TV and walls, change eras without warning.  

Wanda continues to suppress these more and more imminent issues, saying that she’s fine and just taking a quarantine staycation during the confessionals. When her two sons begin to pry about what’s been happening around them, Wanda concedes that, unlike the perfect parent of the 1950s, she does not have all the answers and worries that life is meaningless. The kids end up staying with Agnes to give Wanda some alone time. 

Meanwhile, Vision finds Darcy and frees her from the mind control of the Hex. They begin making their way back to Wanda while Darcy reveals the real events of Infinity War and Endgame to Vision. 

Additionally, Monica breaks into the Hex again from the outside, now able to resist its mind control. Potentially, the series is teasing a reveal of Monica’s superpowers that allow her to do this as her eyes frequently glow. She tracks down Wanda and attempts to reason with her to stop all of this before Agnes swoops in and whisks Wanda away. 

It is only towards the end of the episode that Wanda heads to Agnes’ house and finds her kids missing under her watch. Wanda stumbles upon a vine-encrusted underground passageway. At last, Agnes appears and reintroduces herself as Agatha Harkness, a magic witch as well. The episode officially ends with a theme song for Agatha, revealing that all of the madness in town has really been “Agatha All Along.” 

This is also the first WandaVision episode with a scene during the credits. In it, Pietro catches Monica snooping and discovering the same underground passage as Wanda.

The events of this episode have begun to tie in with the comics and other Marvel movies. Darcy recaps Infinity War and Endgame to Vision, Monica’s entering of the Hex includes lines calling back to Captain Marvel, and Agatha Harkness has a history in the comics, including the adoption of Wanda’s kids and a role in a coven of witches that has influenced all of world history. 

Something big is in the works to tie the MCU together in a way never seen before. Watch WandaVision on Fridays on Disney+.