Tips For Improving Mental Health: Setting Goals

Image Courtesy of RWA Psychology

Image Courtesy of RWA Psychology

Alexander Ortiz, Editor In Chief

This week’s tip for dealing with your mental health is to set goals for yourself. These can be goals for the future or goals to help you get through your day. You can write down your goals and work to find a way in which they can be achievable. 

It is up to you whether you want to achieve an academic, professional, or personal goal. Writing down the steps to achieving your goal can help to relieve your stress and you will be more prepared when you know what you want to go for. 

They say to aim high with your goals, but to be realistic and to not over-schedule. Personally, I like to plan out my day and write down everything that needs to be done each day. I feel a great sense of accomplishment especially as I still work to accomplish my long-term goals for this semester. 

As you progress and work to accomplish your goals, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment with the work you’ve done to reach a certain goal you may have. Setting goals can also be fun, while it gives you something to look forward to accomplishing. It is also great because it will give you the motivation and confidence to reach your goals, as it will improve your health and relationships with others.

Working to achieve your goals is very important and no matter whatever kind of goal you look to achieve, we are all here to support your accomplishments. We hope that you guys enjoy these articles and that it helps you to feel better wherever you may be reading this article. For anyone who has questions or wants to learn more about improving your mental health, feel free to reach out to us!