Meet the Informer: Ryan Gorneault


Ryan Gorneault, Entertainment Editor

Name: Ryan Gorneault

Year: Junior

Position: Entertainment Editor

Major: Communication

Minor #1: Creative Writing. Minor #2: Digital Media & Journalism.


My name is Ryan Gorneault, and I am the Entertainment Editor here at The Hartford Informer! I joined The Informer at the beginning of my Junior year as an Entertainment Staff Writer before becoming Entertainment Editor the following semester. As Entertainment Editor, I am tasked with writing about entertainment news and celebrity culture. I also help the Entertainment Staff Writers hone their crafts.  

I live in Bristol, Connecticut, raised by a tight-knit family that has always encouraged me to work hard. They believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself; their encouragement, and some soul-searching on my end, resulted in me discovering a passion for writing during my freshman year of college. 

While I admittedly took a while to nail down what I wanted to major and minor in, I eventually decided to major in Communication with an emphasis in Media Strategies and a double minor in both Creative Writing and Digital Media & Journalism. The knowledge I’ve acquired and the skills I’ve develop while taking classes related to my major and my minors have helped me grow academically and will continue to help me grow professionally and personally. 

Along with writing for The Informer, I’m a contributor for Pro Wrestling Musings, which allows me to combine my passion for writing and my lifelong love of wrestling. I would love to run my own professional wrestling company in the future eventually. 

If you are interested in pop culture and celebrity news like us in the Entertainment Section and would like to potentially write for us, contact me at [email protected] for more information.