Rapper DMX Still in Critical Condition Following Overdose and Heart Attack


Image via BuzzFeed News

Dominic Rascati, Staff Writer

The music world is on edge as 50-year-old rapper DMX remains unresponsive in the hospital. The star, born Earl Simmons, was rushed to a New York hospital on Friday following a heart attack. TMZ also reports that the hospitalization was the result of a drug overdose.

News has come mainly from Nakia Walker, the rapper’s former manager. Since Friday, Simmons has undergone heart failure, lung failure, loss of brain activity, resuscitation, and has slipped into a vegetative state. Now on life support, his condition has not bettered or worsened over the past weekend. 

Many have shown up to support Simmons in his time of need. Up to 500 people gathered in prayer outside of his hospital in White Plains on Monday. The response for DMX was so great that police reportedly had to block the nearby street.

New York is a significant area for DMX and his fans. Simmons grew up in Yonkers and, following his fame, has repaid his community by offering Thanksgiving meals to those in need and giving money to his childhood community center.

Celebrities have also expressed support on social media for him and his family, including messages from Chance the Rapper, SZA, Missy Elliott, and more. DMX has had a long and influential career, beginning in 1998 with his debut album, “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot,” hitting the top spot of the Billboard 200. In total, he has released seven albums and has been nominated for three Grammy Awards. 

Acting has also been an avenue for the star. Since 1998, he has starred in movies such as “Belly,” “Exit Wounds,” and “Cradle 2 the Grave.” Just last year, DMX appeared on Verzuz against Snoop Dogg, attracting over half a million viewers. 

In a message to the rapper’s fans, Nakia Walker said, “Keep the positive energy, keep praying for X, keep playing his music, stay encouraged.”