University of Hartford Planning to Offer Vaccination To All Students

Image Courtesy of USC News

Image Courtesy of USC News

Jennah Hamze, News Editor

On March 30th, all students at the University received an email giving important updates for vaccine eligibility for students. As of April 1st, 2021, college students in Connecticut have been eligible to receive the vaccine.

Connecticut has announced plans to work with higher education institutions in administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in early May, but students may receive the vaccine off-campus at local pharmacies and vaccine drives before then. If the University administers the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, students will be able to get one shot and be fully vaccinated without a follow-up second shot.

Quincy Francois, a sophomore here at UHart, says “I feel like vaccination would make a lot of people more comfortable”.  Dariana Rosaro, also a sophomore, states “I believe that the University providing the vaccine helps students and could possibly cause remote students to be more inclined to return to the University in the near future”.

The University is encouraging all students in the UHart community to be vaccinated, and the email states that with an influx of vaccinated people, we could possibly return to more “normal” experiences for the fall semester. Any questions about the University’s plans about the vaccine should be sent to [email protected].