Rumors Surrounding University of Hartford Athletics


Image Courtesy of Hartford Hawks Athletics

T.J. Hummel, Sports Editor

As all of you may know, there are rumors surrounding the University of Hartford and their spot in Division I athletics. In the recent week or so, an email was leaked between our school president and a faculty member regarding the school’s standing in Division I. Per the email exchange, President Woodward was trying to get the help of a University professor to aid in the downgrade to Division III athletics.

Students and faculty did not know about this situation. Reports first surfaced from WTNH Channel 8 news, followed by local newspapers, Barstool Sports, and ESPN’s own Scott Van Pelt. In addition to media coverage, Alumni have also spoken out about this issue. Two alumni, Erik Ostberg (Tampa Bay Rays) and Sean Newcomb (Atlanta Braves) are both professional baseball players who took to social media to voice their opinions. Current Hartford Men’s basketball team player D.J. Mitchell stated, “We believe the University will be making a mistake in downgrading to Division III – just at the point when the program is succeeding.”

As these statements were claimed, it has led our fellow athletes into a world of unknowns. Will they still be able to play their sport that they came here for? Are they going to have to transfer out? There are many questions the athletes have but have gotten no answers. Here at the Informer, we are in full support of our athletics. It has been an honor covering you all, in your respective sports, and we hope to keep doing so at the Division I level in the years to follow.

There is a petition currently available for students and the University of Hartford community to sign to keep Harford Athletics in Division I. To sign the petition, follow the link below: