Writing For The Media Students Create Website Regarding Hartford Athletics


Image Courtesy of FOX 61

Alexander Ortiz, Editor In Chief

Just this past week, students who take the class, “Writing for the Media,” put together a website with tons of information about the University potentially switching from Division 1 to Division 3. The goal of this website is to make sure that it can be seen by President Gregory Woodward to show that students are putting countless hours into research about this matter. 

What will you be able to see on this website? Well, that’s a great question! As I am a part of the Writing for the Media class this semester, what people will be able to see is press releases that are written by students, photo galleries, videos, and much more as you can see what really was happening behind the scenes during the march around campus. 

Also featured on the website are podcasts that were put together by different people in the media, including some of the work from students at the University of Hartford. One podcast was put together by The 3Peat Podcast, where they all break down the current situation and report on the latest they have heard about Hartford Athletics. The 3Peat Podcast is hosted by current UHart Students, Josh Fromowitz ‘21, Alex Kassel ‘21, and Steven Bonazzo ‘22.  Another podcast was put together by Ryan Kelsey (UHart ‘21). His podcast is called Paradise Chat, where Ryan was able to gather former and current UHart athletes to discuss the situation and what should be done for the next steps of this process. The 3rd podcast featured on our website was from The Connecticut Scoreboard, where they discuss whether or not Hartford should be Division 1 or Division 3. 

For students or anyone interested in seeing the content that was created by these students in their Writing for the Media class, follow this link: https://writingforthemediaclass.com/