Warrant Out for Arrest of Rapper Lil Mosey Following Second-Degree Rape Charge


Image via TMZ

Dominic Rascati, Staff Writer

Rapper Lil Mosey, legally named Lathan Moses Stanley Echols, is in hot water after allegations and charges of sexual assault as well as an arrest warrant in the state of Washington. This news comes as the 19-year-old failed to appear for his court hearing on April 21st.

A police affidavit outlines the incident of the alleged rape of two women. They allege the rapper sexually assaulted them during a party he hosted in January at a cabin in Washington’s Lewis County. One of the women involved claims she started to experience memory loss after drinking with a friend. Additionally, there is also a warrant out for Francisco Prater, alleged to have participated in the rape with the rapper. 

According to one of the women, “she does not remember much after drinking the champagne but remembered waking up in an upstairs bedroom in her bra and underwear and someone said there was a video of her having sex.” However, she “had no specific memory of a rape taking place” and “did not remember engaging in sexual intercourse.”

A victim also says she had sex consensually with the 19-year-old in a car, but they moved upstairs, where she experienced haziness and forceful, non-consensual sex with Echols and Prater. Following the incident, the woman had many unexplainable bruises on her body. There are also claims in the affidavit of one of the victims receiving a message from someone at the January party, saying how Echols and Prater discussed “training two girls.”

Echols has not been arrested, but he could face up to life in prison if he is convicted, as second-degree rape is a Class A felony in Washington. Additionally, no comments have been made by Echols, Prater, or either of their representatives.