The Texas Abortion Ban is a War Against Women


Kasey Zollo, Managing editor

Texas’s new abortion law went into effect earlier this week, which bans women from having abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. For most women, this is well before they even know they are pregnant. 

This new law also states that citizens can now sue abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood or anyone else who helps women get an abortion. The worst part is, the people suing can be random people off the streets. They do not even have to know you.

The worst part about this ban, which literally makes me want to throw up, is that this law has NO EXCEPTIONS for cases involving rape or incest. I don’t know about you, but that makes me fill with rage and want to scream at the top of my lungs. 

So, not only can women be banned from getting abortions, but god forbid they get raped, they have to keep the offspring of the person who raped them. If they try to get an abortion, they can be sued by some random on the street. 

As a woman myself, this breaks my heart for the women in Texas. This war has been created upon them and all women. Abortions should not be looked at as “sinful” or an “abomination.” Sometimes, there are serious reasons why women decide to get an abortion, whether big or small. Some women just are not ready to have a child, and that is okay. They should be able to make that choice themselves, not the government. 

This is a war against women, and this is only the beginning. There have been protests against this new disgusting law, and they will not stop until something is done about this. Women deserve to be protected. Their rights should not be taken away by selfish people who do not understand what many women go through and their reasoning for not wanting a child at the moment.