Do We Still Need All Star Games?


Pierce Mulholland, Sports Editor

All-star games seem to be the perfect opportunity to see the best competitors in their respective sport compete for glory and our entertainment as fans. However, do people really care about them or want to see them? If television ratings are anything to go off of, then people tend to care less about all-star games as viewership has dropped overall major sports in the past twenty years. Nevertheless, why do people not seem to care? One reason could be the lack of competitiveness these games possess. For instance, the National Football Leagues’ Pro Bowl is widely panned for weak tackles and general unmotivated athleticism. But why are these games that are supposed to be the ultimate advertisement of the sport so uncompetitive? There are two significant reasons. First, players do not want to get injured in a game that has little impact on their chance of winning a championship or getting a bigger contract. Second, the games themselves do not mean anything to the outcome of the season. Win, lose or draw; they do not matter. If leagues want people to watch these games, there needs to be a real motivation for the players. Whatever the solution, sports fans across the country are patiently awaiting a new era of star-studded competition to highlight the pinnacle of professional sports.