How to Stay Organized During the School Year


Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

Now, I know with school, assignments, and having a social life, prioritizing which is more important, which to get done first, and which can be held off until other assignments and tasks are finished. Here are some things that help me personally and help you stay organized and on top of everything during the school year. 

The first thing, and probably the most important, is to get a planner. A planner is a great way to write down due dates and keep everything in one place. I am always writing in my planner, and, this may just be my obsessiveness to stay organized, I color coordinate everything, depending on classes, events for my sorority, my shifts at work. It does not matter. Everything is written down in my planner, with a specific colored pen, and I know that I can always depend on looking in my planner if I ever forget when something is. 

The second thing I find important to stay organized is a month-to-month calendar. It is the same thing as a planner, except it is always in eyesight and not stuffed away in my backpack, and I can easily see it from my bed or when I am getting ready for class in the morning. 

Another thing is to make to-do lists. Whether you make them up in your head or write them down, it is always good to easily have these accessible to you to make sure all your tasks get done efficiently. You can do these every day, every week, or even every month, but it’s a great way to stay on top of everything and make sure you don’t forget anything. Also, as a bonus, it’s really satisfying checking off stuff from your list, and once everything is checked off, you feel so accomplished. 

The last thing, and honestly the most important, is to get sticky notes. I use the ones that come on my laptop home-screen, and it is the best way for me to keep everything in one place. I have at least six different sticky notes on my home screen, all labeled, and since I am almost always on my laptop doing work (or watching Netflix), it is easily seen every day. Moreover, it is incredibly satisfying to delete everything off of them, and everything is clear. 

Staying organized is a huge part of keeping up good grades or managing tasks efficiently, especially during a busy school year. These steps to stay organized are quick, easy, and fun ways to manage everything and stay on top of your responsibilities during the year.