Top Canadian Artists To Listen To Today


Image via Consequence of Sound

Athena Bonner, Staff Writer

I was inspired by the Canadian artists who have dropped over the summer and this past Friday, so, in no order, here are my six favorite musicians from Canada:


Khaliowe – Originally from Mississauga, Ontario (in the Greater Toronto Area), he is one of my favorite musicians from the captivating Canadian TikTok scene. I like his unique storytelling abilities that he has alongside his amazing R&B and Dancehall beats. I appreciate how I can easily be taken on a mental vacation and feel the Jamaican paradise as I listen to his music. My favorite songs of his are “Come Over,” which reminds me of a Wayne Wonder-meets-Beres Hammond feeling as I listen, and “Wheezy Baby,” which reminds me of that 2000s Dancehall era on 106 & Park. He drops music and goes live on TikTok on Fridays from time to time, and I hope he creates more tunes like those in the future. All his music is now streaming on platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Go check it out!

Tik Tok: @Khaliowe 

Twitter: @Khaliowe

Instagram: @Khaliowe 

YouTube: Khaliowe

Spotify: Khaliwoe 

Soundcloud: Khaliwoe


Ashton – He is a singer and artist from Ontario, Canada. A song of his that I have been enjoying that I would like to highlight in the article is called “Thank You,” which also features Khaliowe. The delivery of the song was amazing; both artists did a great job of getting you hooked in the first verse, which is something that I feel is a special skill to have. Yes, an amazing message is highlighted in the song, which is to love as many people as you can and always remember to say “Thank you” in whatever language that you speak. I really can’t wait for whatever projects he has coming up next. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud, Apple Music, Twitter, and Instagram.

Twitter: @penthouseplayboyot 

Instagram: @penthouseplayboyot 

Apple music: Ashton 

Soundcloud: Ashton

YouTube: Ashton


Kofi – He is a twenty-two-year-old musician born in Toronto, Ontario. I love his two singles, which are “Slow It Down” and “Scarborough,” both being released at the end of 2020. I have been playing both singles ever since then because I love Kofi’s ability to tell it like it is and his power to relate to his fanbase. This is a great skill set to have especially in today’s music industry. Go check out his songs on all streaming platforms.

[email protected] 

[email protected]

YouTube: Kofi 

Tik Tok: @jmgkofi 

Soundcloud: Kofi 

Spotify: Kofi


PARTYNEXTDOOR – He is someone I have loved since middle school, so I wanted to give him his honorary flowers. Born Jahron Anthony Brathwaite on July 3rd, 1993, he created the singles “Right Now” and “Break from Toronto,” both from the 2013 album “PARTYNEXTDOOR.” As a music fan and a human, I have also appreciated his soft vocal abilities and the way he makes women feel like their best selves. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself constantly playing this album. My favorite songs is his are “EYE ON IT” and “SHOWING YOU” which came from the latest PARTYNEXTDOOR album “PARTYMOBILE.” You can stream all of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s music.

Apple music: PartyNextDoor

Instagram: @partynextdoor

twitter: @partnextdoor

Spotify: Partynextdoor

SoundCloud: partynextdoor


dvsn – dvsn is a Canadian duo of musicians made up of members Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85, is signed to OVO SOUND (founded in 2012 in Toronto) alongside PARTYNEXTDOOR. They have been creating the soundtrack of our lives for the last six years, and I am glad that I became a fan. My favorite songs by them are “Mood” and “A Muse” because they give the vibes of empowering your significant other. I love how their music videos match their vocals as well. I have not yet listened to the new Ty Dolla $ign featuring dvsn single, but I am going to give it a listen, and you should too.

Twitter: @dsvn 

Instagram: @dsvn

Apple music: Dsvn.

Soundcloud: Dsvn.

Spotify: Dsvn.


Drake – Drake is an actor, rapper, and musician from Toronto, Canada, who also founded the OVO Sound record label. I have two singles that I have been enjoying from his new album “Certified Lover Boy,” which are “The Remorse” (which featured Drake reflecting on his career goals and his status as a man of mental health awareness, vulnerability, and status) and “Get Along Better” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. I loved these two artists and creatives working so freely. While I did not like the album cover of “Certified Lover Boy,” the album’s music and storytelling was on point. I hope artists can take notes of how the promotion Drake goes is out of love for the artistry, and how he gave each feature their shine. It is a powerful gift to unite people of all groups through your art, which is a message I got from listening to “Certified Lover Boy” multiple times.

Twitter: @Drake 

Instagram: @Drake 

Music streaming platforms: @Drake