Emotional Support Water Bottles – Does it Actually Work?


Image via popsugar.com

Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

I’m sure you all have heard this term before all over social media or in person. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure it confused you to no end. What is an emotional support water bottle? How exactly can a water bottle give support? I didn’t get it until I asked someone who actually owned an emotional support water bottle. 

My sister-in-law, Jordan, owns one that is covered in stickers. When I asked her why she calls it an emotional support water bottle, her answer moved me in a sense. 

She said, “I struggle with severe social anxiety, and going back to the office gives me anxiety. So, having something to hold that was with me at home and decorated the way I wanted it to be, makes me feel sort of, at ease”. 

After she said that, it made total sense to me. So, I bought one while visiting my parents, who live far away in Arizona. I don’t see them a lot, and knowing that often makes me homesick. I covered the water bottle in stickers from back in Arizona, and now, every time I feel homesick and miss my parents, the water bottle reminds me of home. Weirdly enough, it makes me feel better. 

Now, I know. The thought of a water bottle being comforting is bizarre and kind of makes no sense. However, in a way, it works. If you suffer from anxiety, or have parents that live halfway across the country, I highly recommend purchasing an emotional support water bottle and decorating it with things that make you happy or remind you of home. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it will make you feel the sense of ease and comfort you so desperately crave when you feel homesick, or suffer from any form of anxiety.