Farmer’s Market on Campus

Farmers Market on Campus

TJ Hummel, Staff Writer

We have all heard of a farmer’s market, right? I believe we should have more of them on or surrounding campus. These markets are a chance for local farmers and students from near and far to enjoy the best produce Connecticut has to offer.

Connecticut is home to 5,500 farms, and over half of them are owned and operated by women. These men and women put their heart and soul into their work, no matter what mother nature can throw at them. These farmers have gotten knocked around so far this year, with hurricanes and strong winds. One way we can help them is by having more of these farmer’s markets on campus.

To put into perspective how much people love Connecticut products, England is one of the biggest consumers of CT products, from oysters to veggies. They love it all. I was blown away when I heard that statistic. I had no idea how big Connecticut products were, especially on an international scale.

For a while, I have heard from numerous people that they want more healthy options on campus. That can be hard to come by sometimes, especially with commons and GSU trying their best. It isn’t easy. If we were to have more of these markets, students who want to eat healthily or have healthier options would be able to buy and prepare their own fresh produce. Even professors can partake in the markets as well. Professors, and staff included, can pick up fresh produce on campus and not have to worry about stopping at the grocery store on the way home.

I believe these farmer’s markets would be huge for the University. Not only will students and staff appreciate it, I know the farmers will appreciate it that much more