Jaxson Dart and the amazing world of unique sports names


Image via totalsportswire.com

Pierce Mulholland, Sports Editor

Names are our identifiers. They are how you differentiate yourself from the crowd. They can be as generic as John Smith or as unique as Hingle McCringleberry. It is important to note that there is a difference between a unique name and one from a culture not commonly represented in the United States. However, for some reason, the best athletes tend to have unique names. Take the University of Southern California’s quarterback, Jaxson Dart. Not only is it a one-of-a-kind name, but it also fits his position suspiciously well. Spelling Jaxson with an “X” is a bold choice on its own but paired with the last name Dart his parents should not be surprised at all that he took a liking to football. Sometimes the most intriguing names are not the best. Take the name Hunter Renfrow, or is it Hunter Renfroe? That is a trick question. One is a professional baseball player, and the other is a pro football player. Names are who we are. Some of us might love or hate our names. Either way, we can all get a laugh listening to the starting lineups for our favorite teams and hearing that one player with the most interesting name.