Tough Sunday for Connecticut Football fans


Pierce Mulholland, Sports Editor

With Connecticut’s geographic position between Massachusetts and New York combined with our lack of professional sports teams, except for the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun, residents are split in terms of what team to support. Typically, people either fall into the New York camp or the Boston Camp. With Football, it is no different. Depending on where you are in the state, there is a roughly fifty-fifty split. This Sunday, it didn’t really matter what team you followed because chances are you were disappointed. In a tragic sort of sports equinox, all four nearby teams lost their season opener. The Bills dropped a close game to the Steelers. The Jets were handed a cold dish of revenge from Sam Darnold, their former quarterback. The Giants were beaten down in front of their home crowd by perennial backup Teddy Bridgewater. Even the Patriots fell in a nail-biter to the division rival Dolphins at home in heartbreaking fashion. It seems the only Connecticut football fans that did not have a bad weekend were the bandwagon fans that followed Tom Brady to Tampa Bay.