Emma Raducanu Stuns the Tennis World


Pierce Mulholland, Sports Editor

This past weekend the US Open was held, putting on a grand exhibition of the greatest Tennis players in the world. Women’s tennis competition has been dominated by the Williams twins, Venus, and Serena, for over a decade. Only in the past two years have new names sprung up to take over the throne now that the sisters are beginning to wane. Last year the American Naomi Osaka won the tournament upsetting Williams and launching her into stardom. However, it was not all good for Osaka, who experienced deteriorating mental health after intense media scrutiny on the young athlete. These honestly unfair conditions caused her to skip tournaments in order to focus on her own wellbeing. This year, a new crop of young, determined women experienced breakthrough success in the wide-open field, with the final match being between two teenagers with little previous success at the pro level. In the end, the Canadian-born British Emma Raducanu was able to seize victory that she hopes will spring her career forward and put her on the mount Rushmore of Tennis one day.