The Top 4 Music Festivals For R&B Lovers To Attend


Image via Variety

Athena Bonner, Staff Writer

I am a music lover of all genres, and I hope to attend more concerts in the next year because I love listening to music and having that feeling of inspiration that it evokes in me. I will be highlighting four music festivals that you should go to and that I hope to go to someday. 

Lights On Festival – It is an R&B festival hosted in Los Angeles or New York. It is also curated by H.E.R. and her fellow artists that have performed on the festival’s two tour dates. I have never gone to this festival before, but I am manifesting going one day because I like R&B music as a genre. The festival will be held in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center, and has already happened in the Bay Area. The dream lineup includes the legendary Brooklyn-native Maxwell (who I grew up listening to, and I love as a human being), Lucky Daye (who has a new single out called “Over”), Queen Naija, and Ari Lennox (who has a wonderful song called “Pressure”) among others. I hope to go to this festival because I love what H.E.R. is doing with the festival itself.

Boston Art & Music Soul (BAMS) Festival – It is an amazing R&B and Soul festival put on at the Franklin Park Playstead in Boston. I went to this Festival in June 2018 with my sisters, and I enjoyed it. I loved how this festival itself is promoting artists from everywhere, whether internationally known and locally known. It gives them a light to shine in their community; if they are not members of the community, they can still perform live and have a new audience to promote their music. I also learned the meaning of supporting Black-owned businesses in Boston, which was cool because most of the money spent at the festival was for the soul food truck. What I had eaten at the festival was going back into the business, which was the most important lesson. I hope to attend in the next two summers, and I highly suggest you attend because it is a  fun time!

Rolling Loud NYC– is a Hip Hop and R&B festival being held in New York this October. I have not attended this festival yet, but I hope to attend and dance and listen to music from artists performing there. Of course, I will take another New York trip during the day. After seven years of not going there for summer vacations, it was fun to go to New York City. I highly suggest traveling to New York and going to Rolling Out!

OVO Festival – OVO Festival is a Hip Hop and R&B festival held in Toronto, Canada, every year in August. I have not yet gone to this festival, but I hope to also go to the OVO store when I do. Drake, the founder of OVO Sound and OVO Festival, knows how to be himself without changing himself.

These are the four main music festivals I hope to go to in the future and listen to music. I hope you enjoyed my main list and I hope to see you there!