In Person Greek life Events are Back


Kasey Zollo, Managing editor

This weekend, my chapter and every other chapter affiliated with Panhel and IFC got some fantastic news. Starting next week, Greek life events, also known as Philanthropy events, are back in person. Now, this may not be exciting to everyone, but it is the best news we have so far. 

After two years of not having any events due to the pandemic, Greek life as a whole finally gets to spend time together as we ring in our philanthropy week. There are different events each day of the week, hosted by various chapters. These events help raise money for each chapter’s philanthropy.  My favorite is Anchor slam, hosted by my chapter, Delta Gamma, which will help us raise money for our philanthropy, Service for Sight. 

Not only is this exciting for me as a senior, but it is also exciting for the new members who were previously initiated last year. They never got to experience the “normal way” of being a member of Greek life, so finally seeing all of Greek life together in the same room is exciting for them. 

I talked to my little, Candice Opie, who is a junior this year, about the new member process last spring. When I asked her how she felt about the in-person events coming up, you could tell her excitement as the thought of them as her face lit up. “I know it sounds stupid but I’m really excited about it. It kind of feels as if everything is normal and we didn’t spend a year of our life online,” She explained to me.  These new member classes never got the traditional experience of going and participating in Greek life events. They are more than ready to enjoy the few moments of “normalcy” with everyone else, as they are receiving slowly but surely.