D1 Athletes are Getting Punished


Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

Once again, the University of Hartford has shown to be in another rumor scandal. The new talk on campus is that some women’s sports teams are now being treated as club sports teams. 

As if not having enough members on the team due to the recent news of moving from D1 to D3, and losing a ton of prospective students due to this issue, treating them as “club sports” is another huge issue all itself. 

Although they are now being treated as club sports, it does not mean that they have lightened upon them, as their practices and other things are still in full force. 

It seems that the athletes here are still getting punished for protesting and not agreeing with the recent decision to move the school from Division 1 to Division 3. As you all can remember, last year, when the rumor was going around about this particular, there were protests all over campus, and one of them even had the idea to go all the way to President Woodward’s house itself. 

After all, the failed protests, petitions, and the general anger of the student body, the decision was still made. However, the way the athletes have been treated shows that the faculty may still be a little angry with the student body, and punishing the athletes seems to be the “subtle” way to show their anger. 

As students, we must have the athlete’s back during this time. We have to show our support for them by showing up to games and anything else to show our school spirit and the love we have for the student-athletes here. Maybe, just maybe, if we show unity, the athletes will stop being punished for their rightful anger towards the faculty’s decisions over the past year.