My Last First Flight

My Last First Flight

Kasey Zollo, Managing editor

This Friday, maybe the most significant campus event is taking place at 7:30 pm, First Flight, and I feel a little bittersweet about it. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I am so excited for these events to come back in person. The thought of seeing my friends and my chapter sisters all together again will also be heart-warming. It is still sad to think that this will be the last First Flight I attend as an undergraduate student here at the University of Hartford. 

After spending my junior year locked up in my apartment, with all of my classes online and virtually no events to join to see my friends, I almost feel as if that year never happened, kind of like a fever dream. I often forget that I am a senior, and when I hear that these events are coming back into almost full swing, it reminds me of just how “old” I am. 

Thinking about this being my last First Flight brings me back to when I was a young, doe-eyed freshman who was just happy to be here. It brings back memories of what life used to be like before the pandemic. 

I am so excited that these types of events are coming back slowly but surely. The thought of attending them and making more last memories with my friends before we graduate and go our separate ways in the real world makes me feel as if I am on cloud 9. Still, I am upset because it is my last year and I will be leaving soon. 

I believe I can speak for the whole class of 2022 when I say to enjoy these moments and these events. Although you might feel as if they are a burden or “boring,” you will look back on them in a couple of years and smile, as you can remember that you lived life to the fullest as an undergrad. These types of memories you make at these events will be something you can look back on and cherish forever.