Fall Fest Fun


Tyler Dyer, News Editor

The Hartford Events and Activities Team (HEAT) held the Fall Fest this Saturday, October 9th, outside Konover. In the first few hours, the parking lot slowly filled in with booths and two food trucks and quickly became busy after sunset. The event hosted many fall-themed activities and decorations, such as outdoor roller skating, a photo booth, pumpkin painting, and more.

Many students attended in groups stopping by after work and class for food. One student explained that they were excited that Uhart had “a variety of activities that made the fall season settle in and midterm stress feel bearable”. Roller skating and pumpkin carving seemed to be the most popular activities. Multiple students were learning how to skate on the checkered floor, and others were painting funny and spooky designs onto their pumpkins. 

The students running the Fall Fest signed everyone in and took turns at different stations pumping paint, setting up the roller skates, and supervising the inflatable game. A senior Residential Assistant pumping paint for students commented on the positive feedback she received from her residents on the turnout rate and excitement for the pumpkin painting station. She also stated that “this was one of the more popular HEAT events due to the variety of activities provided”. The Fall Fest also featured a caricature artist and photo booth where many friends, clubs, greek life groups, and couples posed for pictures and portraits. There were some safety restrictions due to covid, but the Fall Fest was a success and received positive feedback from students of all backgrounds.