Theater is Back!


Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

As this school year slowly fades into what it used to be Pre-Covid, and as restrictions seem to go down, the University is bringing back a lot of the things that we missed during the dreadful year of absolutely nothing. This time, they brought back the plays put on by the musical theatre majors here in the Hartt School. 

This past weekend, the Hartt School put on one of its first productions of the school year, Anything Goes, a play written by Cole Porter, which included a plot of the SS America. This musical includes witty characters and classic musical performances such as “I Get A Kick Out of You,” “You’re the Top,” and, of course, “Anything Goes.” 

Because of my heavy workload and schedule, I did not have the time to see this show and support my sorority sisters who were featured in it. However, from passing students, I heard it was amazing. It made students feel as if this year was finally normal and gave students something to do during their free time. 

Having all these events come back, especially the musicals, makes the students, including me, feel better at school. It makes it feel like this year is normal, and the past year of the dreadful Covid school year never happened. 

If you are interested in seeing one of the productions put on by the Hartt School, visit to keep track of when all productions are being put and times, locations, and descriptions of the certain events taking place.