Ways First Flight Could Be Better


Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

This year, I know myself, as well almost half of the student body was looking forward to First Flight, which took place last Friday. I believe that I can speak for most of us when I say I was pretty disappointed with the event this year. Here are some ways that I believe the University could implement to make students more excited for this event. 

Let’s start with Pre-Flight. If the space it was held were bigger, more of the student body would want to attend. This way, especially while still being in a pandemic, students will feel more comfortable attending and not feel as if they are on top of students they don’t know well. As for the food trucks, this is a great idea. However, I believe letting students use their dining dollars will encourage the students to utilize them more. 

As for First Flight, the dance team and the step team performed, which was the best part of First Flight overall. I know this may be too far-fetched, but I believe if both teams had more than one performance, First Flight would be better enjoyed. As well as adding more activities for the students to engage in will make this event way more fun. 

Overall, First Flight is a great event and probably my favorite, and it was sad to see it go so fast since this was my last one. I found this year a little boring, with the dance team and the step team being a total exception (I love them, I can talk about them all day if I could). If these examples were put into the planning of next year’s First Flight event, not only would the student body be more excited for it, but it would become more exciting for the Men and Women’s Basketball season, which First Flight is intended to kick off.