My Last Memories of Greek Week

My Last Memories of Greek Week

Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

This week, Greek life has kicked off their annual “Greek Week”, which includes events from sororities on campus. These events include Phi Mu Olympics, AXID Football, DZ Dodgeball, SDT Whiffle ball, and not to be biased, but my personal favorite, Delta Gamma’s Anchor slam. These events allow all Greek life members to team up and have some friendly competition with each other while raising money for the host sorority’s philanthropy. 

The first event took place yesterday, with Phi Mu kicking off the week with their event. It did not hit me until after I was there that I realized that this would be the last Greek Week I ever attended as an undergraduate student and an active collegiate member of my chapter. 

I can remember being a newly initiated sister and coming to these events to cheer on my sorority sisters into bringing our team to victory. As I sat there and reminisced a little to myself and my roommate, a senior, the bittersweet feeling of never getting to do this again hit me like a ton of bricks. 

At the time, I got annoyed by these events because sometimes I have a lot to do and I have to drop everything and go to them, or if I am just simply not doing anything but am too lazy to get out of bed, but now, I realized I took them for granted. I will never be able to make these memories again, cheer on my sisters, laugh with them, etc. All of these are going by quickly. I realized that, and now I am more than ready to go to as many of these events put on this school year, to make some last memories with the chapter and the sister I have to leave behind me come graduation. 

I guess my advice to you is not to take this time for granted. You may feel that it is going too slow, and you want to graduate and start your career. But college goes by almost too quickly, and you will not realize it till you are in my position. So, go to that event, go hang out with your friends, do everything you possibly can, and do not take this time for granted. Because once it is over, it is over for good.