Confronting issues of Social Justice through Speaker Series


Tyler Dyer, News Editor

This week the University of Hartford and its Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are confronting the issues of segregation and economic and social justice by offering a series of presentations in October. The diverse set of speakers include both national and Connecticut-based leaders and experts. Some of these events are available to the public via zoom.
So far, the series has covered events titled The Two Connecticuts: Conversations about Race and Place (Housing), Latinx Mental Health: Managing the Repercussions of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Understanding the Context of Hate to Interrupt Everyday Bias: A Presentation About Antisemitism. The conversation of The Two Connecticuts discussed how exclusionary zoning connects to racism. One student commented that this was a meaningful conversation that “should be addressed more often because it affects more aspects of life” than he previously thought. The panelists featured many Connecticut professionals, including Sarah Bronin of Desegregate CT; Karen DuBois-Walton president of the Elm City Communities/Housing Authority of the City of New Haven; and Jim Perras, CEO of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut.
The presentations cover a variety of topics ranging from housing in Connecticut to antisemitism. The Executive Director of Diversity and Community Engagement, Christine Grant, stated that “The University of Hartford is committed to playing a key role in elevating issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus and in our community. Our guest speakers, scholars, and activists help us engage in critical conversations and further our goal of maintaining an inclusive campus environment.”