The Annoyance of Registering for Classes


Kasey Zollo, Managing Editor

It is around that time of year again, where every student here at the University of Hartford stays up past their bedtimes and waits till midnight to sign in to their self-service to hopefully get into the classes they need to take. Registering for classes is one of the most annoying tasks that ever has to take place.
Most of the time, I get pretty lucky and get into the classes that I need. The Communications department is very accommodating when overriding a student into a class. Although for most departments, this is harder than it seems. Especially for the most popular majors here, like Health Sciences, it is harder to get into a class that is already full since there are so many people who also have to take that class. Getting into a class should not be compared to The Hunger Games, but when you are a junior or senior and need that class to graduate, it is a do a die situation, and therefore, annoying.
The most annoying thing about registering for classes is the fact that the self-service rarely works. It constantly crashes, and if you did not write your registration pin or the CRN numbers down, you are pretty much out of luck. A simple task that should only take up to three minutes could take up to an hour because, without a doubt, self-service will always crash.
There is so much that goes wrong during registration for classes that make it, in my opinion, the most annoying task there is to do as a student. Honestly, once I register for classes for the spring semester, I will be glad I never have to go through that frustration again.