A Small-Town Girl Breaking Through a Great Big World


Christopher Burgos, Staff Writer

Have you ever lived two different kinds of lifestyles? On one side, you have a dream, a dream that exceeds beyond the stars. Then, you have society telling you it is impossible and that you should just live a “normal” life? Well, a young woman named Evelyn Boris from Worcester, Massachusetts, is battling that issue right now. The only difference is that she does not let society tell her what she can or cannot do. Evelyn is part of our Uhart’s class of 2025 and is attending the Hartt school studying performing arts management. However, on the other side, she is pursuing a dream of being a singer/rapper. Her stage name is “EvelynRoze”. 

She is signed with a music production company known as The Loft Sound Studio, owned by Donnie Klang, who also worked with Madison Beer and Conor Maynard. Evelyn has been traveling back and forth between Worcester, Long Island, and even Connecticut to pursue her dreams of becoming a well-known professional museum. However, when people pursue their dreams, there will always be other people or life events that try to stop them. In high school, she was bullied because she always wanted to become a singer, so most of her music is about being bullied and coming of age to pursue her dreams. Throughout high school, she released many albums, and her classmates would bully her over them. Coming into college at Uhart, she wanted to choose a place between her family and her job, but she knew The Hartt school had an excellent reputation. 

While in college, she has pursued what she loves and continues to work on her craft. Even with her major, it gives her much free time to do what she needs to do. Balancing her career, she makes sure she has her priorities in order, but she also spends time with the people she loves. Music has led her to meet many influential people, develop great relationships, and even learn the business side of the music industry. Evelyn is one of the many college students who want to live the life they want but do not want to drift away from the things they need to get done. She is just a small-town girl pursuing her dreams and breaking down walls trying to prevent her from getting there. Anyone else who wants to pursue their dreams, Evelyn would just say go for it and ignore the people who cannot see the light on the other side of the tunnel. Evelyn and other college students like her will see the greatness of what they want to do. All you must do is just keep pushing. Ever since Evelyn made her breakthrough, nothing but great things keep coming her way, and we are both sure that if you fight through it, great things will come for you too.